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Providing bookkeeping solutions for entrepreneurs, small businesses and those content creators whose hobby has become a business


Gain a Personal Bookkeeper For Your Business

Handling monthly bookkeeping maintenance while keeping everything organized and categorized for you to access at any time


Annual Clean Ups To Bring Your Books Up to Date

Have you been letting your QuickBooks file fester? During our on-boarding process, we’ll go as far back as we need to in order to get up-to-date.

Virtual CFO

Leverage Our Financial Insight For Your Business

Whether it’s outsourcing your CFO role or help getting a business loan, We have a knowledgeable team of accounting and finance nerds that are able to help you make business decisions

How long does it take to clean up a years worth of transactions on Quickbooks?

Depending on how many bank accounts are connected, clean ups usually take between X-X weeks for a year. 

How long does it take to set-up my Quickbooks Account?

Setting up a QBO account and adding Balance as an accountant can only take a few minutes!

What is the benefit of having my data in the cloud?

There are many reasons but the top 2 are for real time financial insights and real time collaboration! We are able to work on your books at anytime as long as we have account access and your business accounts are connected.


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